June 19, 2024

Self-Training Programs

I realize that not everyone can come to south Florida for several weeks each year to train with me and after several years and many people asking me to create tennis specific programs they can do at  home, I finally did it and actually developed a tennis specific movement analysis program and a 4-week tennis specific physical conditioning plan.

The top clickable banner on the right takes you to a page that explains how you can send me video of your footwork in action. I will analyze it,  help you fix the current errors you are making, and get things more efficient.

When you click on the second banner which shows a book  “Superfittennis Guide to Tennis Specific Fitness” it takes you to a page explaining what the 4-week tennis specific training program is all about.

So far, I have received great feedback on these programs and it is my hope that they can assist many more people with their tennis development optimization process!


Jeff Drock MS, CSCS


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