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October 21, 2019

Train With Jeff

If you are a serious tennis player living in or near Boca Raton, Florida, then allow Jeff Drock to improve your Tennis Specific Footwork and Physical Conditioning as he has done for many highly competitive players over the past 20 years. Simply email or call Jeff directly to find out if training is right for you. or 754-366-4525

Are you not getting fantastic results from your current fitness for tennis program? Maybe it is time to make a change! I have developed the fitness and footwork for many National and World Champion Junior players as well as touring pros. Check out my testimonials and bio on the “ABOUT JEFF” page.

I have had players come to me who had previously taken part in fitness programs that were quite intense and supposed to be tennis specific. They wasted months and even years staying at the same fitness level or even worse………getting injured!

If you had to ask me what sets me apart, I would have to say that I quickly find out what the physical weaknesses are and bring them up. Many leading experts within the tennis community consider me to be the world’s leading authority on training tennis specific footwork efficiency. Just one example of the tennis specific footwork and physical training I have done can be seen in the results of Cori “Coco” Gauff who I trained for 6+ years (age 8-14)

Instantly Access The Train For Improved Speed And Agility Guide And..... Train the right way!

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