April 12, 2024
Coco is age 12 in this video and was in preparation for becoming the undisputed top 12 year old in the world! A few months after this video she won the Junior Orange Bowl 12's without dropping a set. For this drill, Coco got a time of 53 seconds and shows a world class mix of speed and anaerobic endurance here. What time can you get? Work at it! Are you out of breath during matches or get tired during a long tournament? For anaerobic endurance, try doing 3-4 sets with 90 seconds to 2 minutes rest between each set. Send me your video of breaking 53 seconds (can you beat a 12 year old girl's time?) and you will get free access to my 4 week Training Program! The following is the set up for this drill. Place a cone at the center baseline T and 3 cones at the following five areas: , cones placed at the two baseline/singles sideline intersection, cones placed at the 3 service line intersections. Upon "Go" start picking up cones while going in a counterclockwise sequence. You can only pick up 1 cone at a time and all 3 cones must be picked up before picking up cones up at the next area. Best effort should be made to put the cone inside the cones at the baseline (misses are ok but effort needs to be made to actually make it back to the baseline T before placing the cone down) ITF World #1 and Junior French Open champion Cori Gauff Shows impressive anaerobic endurance and agility, then smiles after this tough (approximately 1 minute drill).  She smiled because I probably asked if that was easy right after she finished and was too out of breath to tell me to go try the drill for myself and let her know!


Jeff Drock

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