May 30, 2024
Hurricane Tyra Black trained like an animal in order to preparare for the 2013 12's Jr. Orange bowl. Her style of play was a bit unique. She changed speed and pace of her shots often and never minded slicing or being on the defense. She was probably in better physical condition than any other competitor in the field and could certainly sprint all day long. Although Hurricane Tyra lost the 1st set in the finals 6-0, she completely frustrated and tired out her opponent. Her opponent in the finals was certainly not used to having her shots (winners against most other opponents) come back and neutralize the point. The next two sets were 6-2 6-4 for Tyra and she seemed to run down even more balls as the match continued. I was so glad to have helped her get in tremendous physical condition, with spectacular defensive and offensive footwork. She certainly earned this world title!

Jeff Drock

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