May 30, 2024
14 Year Old Itf #1 Cori Coco Gauff, French Open Junior Champion, and US Open Junior Finalist is training her footwork with Jeff Drock.  She says I am too picky! I ask the following: "Do you think you can become a world champion by doing things without the required dicipline of doing them with precision?" This is how we roll! Our agility training is very specific and Coco is required to find the cone area and load with her back leg, swing directly over the cone, take a specific step pattern, knees must be slightly bent and stay that way through the swing (no popping up), feet are wide, stance is structured correctly, little steps are taken as necessary, and unit turn is taken very early. 14 year old French Open champion and world #1 itf 18 and under division


Jeff Drock

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